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Cash on Delivery by Michael Cooney directed by Andrea Lorenzetti and Robin Hilder

Englisches Theater

Cash on Delivery is a fast-paced farce, a hilarious comedy, full of mistaken identities, slamming doors, and a deception that spirals out of control.

Aided by his Uncle George but unbeknown to his wife, Linda, Eric Swan has pocketed thousands of pounds through fraudulent benefits claims. When Norman Bassett, the lodger, opens the door to Mr Jenkins, the benefits inspector, deceptive mayhem follows — as do the undertaker, a bereavement counsellor, a psychiatrist, Norman's fiancée, a corpse, the ominous Ms Cowper and a rather rebellious washing machine!

Confused? You’ll just have to come and see us in November but don’t worry. There is so much action on stage and you’ll be laughing so much that it won’t matter if you don’t understand every word! Alternatively you could try reading our director’s summary. Perhaps this will be less confusing.

Eric is a nice bloke but has a talent for working round problems rather than facing up to them.

It all started when the electricity board rationalised his job away. Best not to upset his dear wife by mentioning that and well the social security cheques for the lodger upstairs who’d long gone to Canada kept coming…

Before he knew it he had an entire imaginary family, complete with illnesses and made up injuries, who had moved in.

Unfortunately for Eric, on the very day that he wanted to make them vanish, an inspector, a psychologist, a bereavement counsellor, an undertaker as well as his artful Uncle George with a box of ladies’ underwear and the fearsome Mrs Cowper all come to call. Spurred on by the prospect of jail and losing his fiancée, Eric’s hapless friend and very real lodger, Norman, joins the hopeless death spiral of misunderstandings and deception.

If you prefer a German synopsis, read on. . .

Cash on Delivery ist eine rasante Farce, eine Komödie bestehend aus Verwechslungen, zugeknallten Türen und einem Täuschungsmanöver, das außer Kontrolle gerät.
Mit Hilfe seines Onkels George, aber ohne Wissen seiner Frau, hat Eric Swan tausende Pfund durch Sozialleistungsbetrug eingesackt. Als Erics Mieter Norman Bassett den Inspektor des Sozialamts, Mr Jenkins, hereinlässt, folgt die Katastrophe auf dem Fuß - zusammen mit einem Bestatter, einer Sozialarbeiterin, einem Psychiater, Normans Verlobter, einer Leiche, der geheimnisvollen Ms Cowper und einer sehr rebellischen Waschmaschine!
Ist das zu verwirrend? Dann kommen Sie einfach im November und schauen sich das Stück an. Keine Sorge: Auf der Bühne ist so viel Action und Sie werden so viel lachen, dass es überhaupt nichts macht, wenn Sie nicht jedes Wort verstehen!

Mi., 20.11. 19:30 Uhr
VVK 10,- € / ermäßigt: 8,- €
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